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Cave Formation

Cave Formation


Room where you can learn about the training process

From the caves, from the stalactites, stalagmites, speleo genesis or speleo themes.

After crossing the door into the cave, you enter the central patio, dedicated to the geological formation of the caves. Module 2.

This patio will be decorated imitating a natural cave, with stalagmites, stalactites, castings, columns, coralloids, elictites and other calcitic speleothems. In addition, there is a small artificial longitudinal lake, in front of the wall canvas. The lighting in the room is dim, with a continuous dripping sound of water (water as the foundation of the formation of the caves). In the center of the room, a projection will begin on the wall canvas, taking advantage of it as a natural screen, in which there will be a video that will follow the thread of the adventure and that will make a general explanation about the geology in the caves, formation and curiosities. over the natural caves.


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