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La Viña

Located halfway between Algarinejo and Zagra, lying on a hillside at the foot of the Sierra de Chanza is the town of La Viña between the streams of La Viña and Blanquillo, surrounded by pine trees, holm oaks and olive

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The Wall of Villavieja

The settlement of Villavieja stands out for its imposing walled enclosure. This architectural structure, perfectly visible, runs along a perimeter of about three hundred meters. Although, it is currently half buried, as can be seen in the images. The archaeological

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11. Urban route

The urban route of Algarinejo invites you to take a tour of some elements of interest and monuments of the old town of Algarinejo. You will be able to learn more about the popular architecture and the history of the

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3. Route of the Mills and Streams

This route presents several alternatives along the entire stretch of “Arroyo Morales”. It starts in the first place from the urban area of Algarinejo, in the direction of the “Molinos del Arrabal”. Before crossing the river for the first time,

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2. Water Route

It starts at the Abrevadero de la Harinera as it is a good accessible point with the urban network of Algarinejo.       Next, you walk along a path that leads to the Turca River, from where a narrow

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The church of Santa Maria La Mayor

It is the most important monument of the town. It was erected in 1779, in a pure neoclassical style, by the architect Ventura Rodríguez -which links it to the temples of Santa Fe and Vélez de Benaudalla-, and paid for

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