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Archaeological site

Images of the site

images : https://www.villaviejaprehistorica.com/ Our thanks from here to all the researchers involved in this project, as well as the organizations, sponsors and collaborators that make it possible.

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Aerial video of the town

This aerial video from a drone view allows us to appreciate all the beauty and characteristics of the prehistoric town of Villavieja in Algarinejo from another perspective. Simply wonderful. WATCH VIDEO

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Passage and medieval dwellings

Passage A unique element of this archaeological complex is the existence of a path carved into the rock, which connects the rocky platform of Villavieja with the base of Los Tajos. This pass is located in the highest area of

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The Wall of Villavieja

The settlement of Villavieja stands out for its imposing walled enclosure. This architectural structure, perfectly visible, runs along a perimeter of about three hundred meters. Although, it is currently half buried, as can be seen in the images. The archaeological

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History of the site

First aerial photograph of Villavieja, in 1956. Villavieja is a prehistoric town located in the pit of the same name, near the town of Fuentes de Cesna, in the municipality of Algarinejo (Granada, Spain). Villavieja is recognizable by its wall,

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