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Cave Museum

Cave Formation

THE FORMATION OF THE CAVES Room where you can learn about the training process From the caves, from the stalactites, stalagmites, speleo genesis or speleo themes. After crossing the door into the cave, you enter the central patio, dedicated to

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The Cave of the Past

In this room, the discourse of the visit will focus on caves as a human habitat, from Paleolithic times to the birth of the first cities. To continue the visit, the visitor/adventurer will have to achieve the fire challenge. This

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The Cave of the Future

It will serve to introduce topics as important for development as sustainability, efficiency, bioclimatic, the information society. In the next module, the visit takes us into the use of caves today as human habitat. The different types of cave-houses, their

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The Cave of the Senses

In this space, we will be able to experience the sensation of being in a cave, through the senses and under an immersive group experience, which will be fun and knowledge. Access to the room of the senses will be

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A balcony to our town

In this space, we will be able to learn about the relationship between our municipality and the caves, as well as being able to take an interactive tour of the municipality’s past and present. After visiting the Ground Floor of

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Cave Museum – Tourist Office

In the heart of the Andalusian quarter, between walls and ancient caves, is the Cave Museum. The name of Algarinejo comes from the Arabic “al-garin” which means cave. In different spaces, this interpretation center shows the use of caves throughout

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