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Medieval times

Pesquera tower

Pesquera Castle, also called Torre or Fortín de Pesquera, is a defensive complex located on a rock that stands out on the right bank of the Pesquera River, a tributary of the Genil River. It is reached through the road

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Andalusian neighborhood

The Andalusian neighborhood is a magnificent urban example of the habitat and territorial organization during the Nasrid period. The Andalusian town was located on the top of a small hill, between the two rivers that run through the town. The

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Cesna Castle

Turrush castle is located on the top of a hill on the banks of the lznájar reservoir and close to the Fuentes de Cesna village. The current vestiges of the Turrush fortress were erected in the Caliphate period, however, it

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sunken bridge

In ancient times it was a very important road that connected Algarinejo with the cattle tracks of Priego-lznajar and Montefrío-Loja. This road was strengthened, due to its border importance, during the Nasrid period, so its origins are usually placed possibly

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El Castillo de la Viña neighborhood

In the village of La Viña, its small town center is an example of a well-preserved Arab town. The houses surround a high pit, with tortuous and narrow streets. Its oldest area, the neighborhood of El Castillo, is currently in

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