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14. Path of Mercy

The “Camino de la Piedad” itinerary, in its section of Algarinejo, is a linear itinerary that has its starting point in the Carril del Salto, at the junction of the same with the GR-5400 highway, approximately sixty meters to the

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Bridge of the 7 eyes

In the vicinity of Algarinejo is the Recreational Area of the Puente de Siete Ojos. Space that takes advantage of the forest that exists around the Turca river and constitutes a natural environment that has been equipped with some elements

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Waterfalls and Pools of New Spain

It is accessed from Algarinejo by the Priego Highway, 3 kilometers away, the first detour to the left after passing the Almedinilla crossroads (continuing towards Priego de Córdoba). In the lane that leads to Cortijo de Las Llanadas, continue for

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Zurreón de Chite

Waterfall that is accessed through the Chite – Pesquera lane (Ruta del Pastoreo), and forms a very unique landscape next to the Chite pits, and very close to the Pesquera river. It does not tolerate drought well.

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Zurreón de Turca

Een natuurmonument op 200 meter van de stad Algarinejo, in de bedding van een zijrivier en bestaande uit een waterval in een natuurlijke grot. Het is toegankelijk via de waterroute, die begint vanaf de Fuente del Mesón in Algarinejo, langs

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Zurreón de La Viña

El Salto de La Viña, a waterfall that rushes down the gorge on which the village sits; a bucket mill in the vicinity of Salto de la Viña; an old mill for the manufacture of oils; the Fuente de la

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