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Singular landscapes

Pesquera river lock

At the mouth of the Pesquera river, at the end of the Iznájar reservoir. This is an area of special ecological interest, since wader birds tend to nest here, as well as having an interesting geological formation such as the

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Las Chanzas hacksaw

The mountain complex that makes up the landscape of Algarinejo reaches altitudes that range between 420 meters and the 1,213 meters Morrón peak, in the Sierra de las Chanzas. The latter, the most interesting mountainous area of ​​the municipality, has

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Tajos de Chite

It supposes a boxing of the Arroyo de Chite or Mielena. Of great scenic interest, it is located on the Pastoreo hiking route, close to the farmhouses of La Venta de Pesquera and Chite.

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Cesna Beach

Close to the village of Fuentes de Cesna (approximately 2 km), and on the shores of the tail of the lznájar reservoir, there is a beach area where sport fishing is usually practiced -carp, black-bass and percasol- , in addition

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Calderas and Tajos of New Spain

The enclave of Nueva España, located on the Los Molinos y Arroyos route, 3 kilometers from Algarinejo, is formed by a boxing of the river that forms numerous waterfalls or cataracts together with pools or “chilanques” (local word) that suppose

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Cultural Park of Cesna-Fuentes Viejas

The Depopulated Old Cesna is located 1 km southwest of the current town of Fuentes de Cesna (Algarinejo, Granada), in a landscape of exceptional quality and ecological or cultural diversity, as well as a setting of great importance for the

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