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Hiking Routes

14. Path of Mercy

The “Camino de la Piedad” itinerary, in its section of Algarinejo, is a linear itinerary that has its starting point in the Carril del Salto, at the junction of the same with the GR-5400 highway, approximately sixty meters to the

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11. Urban route

The urban route of Algarinejo invites you to take a tour of some elements of interest and monuments of the old town of Algarinejo. You will be able to learn more about the popular architecture and the history of the

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10. Border Route

This route starts from the connection with Route 1 (Ruta de la Agricultura). Its route runs along the regional network (NO-2) which, upon reaching the Puerto Málaga node, turns to the left between olive groves, farmhouses, mills and well-preserved holm

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9. Olive Grove and Oil Route

This route begins on a road that connects with the N-321, in the section that joins “Algarinejo” with the small town of “La Viña”, to gently descend to the area of “El Molinillo”, located in an area with meadows old,

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8. Route of the Muleteers

The route starts at the “Cordel de La Viña” junction, next to the N-321 highway and at the entrance to the town of “La Viña”, a typical village on the muleteer’s path where various historical itineraries converged. After crossing the

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7. Housing Route

The route that we travel, starts at the “Cordel de La Viña” junction, the cattle track that crosses the village of “La Viña”, one of the best-preserved popular architectural complexes in Algarinejo. After connecting on the right with a series

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6. Mountains and Mining Route

The route begins at the junction with the royal path of Loja in the area of “Chite” (Route 5). After leaving the path to the left that goes to “La Zarzuela”, this path descends towards “La Viña”. After about 500

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