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11. Urban route

11. Urban route

The urban route of Algarinejo invites you to take a tour of some elements of interest and monuments of the old town of Algarinejo. You will be able to learn more about the popular architecture and the history of the town, through the visit of the Castilian Quarter and the Andalusian Quarter.

It is an itinerary for tourist use. It is a tour through some of the streets of the old town of Algarinejo. Through paved streets, in two different units:

On the one hand, the upper part of the town, the flattest, which corresponds to the Castilian Quarter (old town formed between the 15th-18th centuries).

On the other hand, the lower-middle part of the town, steeper, which corresponds to the Andalusian neighborhood of Algarinejo (an old town formed during the Middle Ages under Muslim rule).

This route tries to give the visitor a general idea of the historical course of Algarinejo through the most singular buildings of the historic center of the town and through its urban structure, clearly differentiated into 2 neighborhoods, the Castilian and the Andalusian.

The visitor, through the route, will discover corners of the town, which have marked Algarinejo’s raison d’être and which are reflected through the architecture, a popular functional architecture. This architecture that travels from the religious to the palatial, of the uses of the rivers (so important in the past of the town), architecture that reflects the festive, the agrarian and the adaptation to the environment. In addition, the route passes the interpretation center.

In short, a walk through living, past history, which marked our present and solidifies the foundations of the future of the town. An urban walk, which in different corners invites the traveler to delve further, into the natural environment that surrounds Algarinejo, or to enjoy some of its most deeply rooted festivals and traditions.


Points of interest

1 Ceniha Step

2 the factory

3 Water Route

4 Cantera Street Altar

5 Tourist Office La Cueva Interpretation Center

6 Medieval wall and caves

7 The corrals

8 Andalusian neighborhood

9 Medieval entrance and Corralón de San Antonio

10 Llanet Fountain

11 The Four Corners

12 Castilian Quarter

13 The Four Corners

14 Old Jail and Warehouse

15 Pesquera Green Corridor

16 Plaza of Spain

17 Old Town Hall

18 Route of the Mills and Streams

19 Church of Santa Maria La Mayor

20 Altars of the Street of Flowers

urban altar