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12a. Routes through the Fuentes de Cesna Desert: PATHS

12a. Routes through the Fuentes de Cesna Desert: PATHS

One kilometer from the town of Fuentes de Cesna is the Fuentes de Cesna Desert, known as Fuentes Viejas. Old town located under the skirts of the long Tajo de las Cuevas and overlooking the Iznájar reservoir. You can still see remains of the houses that were abandoned after the collapses of 1940 and 1963.

Different trails run through its corners with abundant vegetation and water. and they make the visitor imagine what life was like in the town, today uninhabited and in ruins. Within the deserted area we find different paths that run through it and are interpreted through signage. As well as 2 gazebos.


It begins in the Church and leads us to the water spring called Fuente de Enmedio, an old laundry for the inhabitants of the town, where there is a picnic area, and its route is like a movie, since the fig trees and the vegetation have made it a picturesque area.


The longest with approximately 1 km in length.
This path runs along the old path that the inhabitants took to move from the center of the town to the Barrio de la Erilla, the neighborhood furthest from the center.
You will find the rest of the houses and some caves that served as a refuge for the shepherds and their animals.


This path runs from the square where the Plaza Fountain is located to the Church. In this area there were significant buildings such as the Post Office, the town’s Tobacconist and the Schools. This trail ends at the square where the remains of the church are.