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12b. Routes through the Fuentes de Cesna Desert: VIEWPOINTS

12b. Routes through the Fuentes de Cesna Desert: VIEWPOINTS

One kilometer from the town of Fuentes de Cesna is the Fuentes de Cesna Desert, known as Fuentes Viejas. Old town located under the skirts of the long Tajo de las Cuevas and overlooking the Iznájar reservoir. You can still see remains of the houses that were abandoned after the collapses of 1940 and 1963.
They will be able to walk along the trails that run through different areas of the town with their wonderful corners with abundant vegetation and water.


TAJO DE LA VILLAVIEJA VIEWPOINT In this viewpoint you can appreciate the Tajo Villavieja, this architectural structure,
perfectly visible, it runs along a perimeter of about three hundred meters. Villavieja is a prehistoric town located in the pit of the same name. As of 2012, the archaeological interventions began, identifying the place as a fortified citadel of approximately 4,500 years old.


This is located in an old “Era” space of clean and firm land, sometimes paved, where the harvest (cereals) is threshed. It was located in windy areas to throw the spike into the air and get out of the threshing floor.
In this viewpoint you can see territories of the 3 provinces of Granada,
Málaga and Córdoba.