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13. Route through the Tajo de Villavieja archaeological site.

13. Route through the Tajo de Villavieja archaeological site.

Algarinejo unites its special natural wealth with a remarkable historical wealth of which the “Prehistoric Sites of the Tajo de Villavieja” are a faithful reflection, a unique place in the vicinity of Fuentes de Cesna in which recent discoveries show that we can be in front of the archaeological site from the time of the most important Argar in Spain.

Villavieja is a 4,800-year-old walled prehistoric settlement, dating from the Copper Age. It is the first great wall architecture in the Poniente region of Granada. It is located on the flattened plateau that gives it its name, established as a great viewpoint over the surrounding landscape of the Genil River. The most accessible area is located to the east, where a powerful defensive system was planned through the erection of an imposing 300-meter-long wall. This defensive line closes off a large escarpment as a natural defense to the west which at some points has a drop of forty metres.

At the time, the town had an area close to 3 hectares. Inside, there must have been a multitude of domestic units (circular-plan cabins) that housed a significant population.

The town was built from a new plant around 2800/2700 BC, with no record of previous occupations. It was occupied without interruption until 2300/2200 BC, at which time it was abandoned. From then on the deterioration and concealment of its walls began.

In historical times, the stones of its walls must have been used for nearby constructions. Thus, in medieval times, a medieval occupation was established at the base of the Tajo de Villavieja, which occasionally used this abandoned place. In spite of everything, this absence of occupations has allowed Villavieja to fully preserve its layout and a large part of the height of its imposing wall.

This circular route runs through the entire site, offering wonderful views over the tail of the Iznájar reservoir, views of Las Fuentes Viejas, as well as an excellent viewpoint of the surroundings and the immediate territory.

Villavieja is a prehistoric town located in the pit of the same name and located in Fuentes de Cesna. The archaeological interventions, identifying the place as a fortified citadel of about 4500 years old. Its relevance is highlighted for being the only Granada prehistoric settlement with wall structures clearly perceptible from the sky.

The settlement of Villavieja stands out for its imposing walled enclosure. This architectural structure, perfectly visible, runs along a perimeter of about three hundred meters.

The Villavieja wall was created on a raised platform that is visually projected over an extensive landscape crossed by the Genil River, an exceptional landscape to learn about the origins of the Algar culture in Andalusia.