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A balcony to our town

A balcony to our town

In this space, we will be able to learn about the relationship between our municipality and the caves, as well as being able to take an interactive tour of the municipality’s past and present.

After visiting the Ground Floor of the Interpretation Center we direct our steps towards the First Floor. This area will be dedicated to Algarinejo and the Caves, the origin of the name of Al-garín, the justification for the reason for this type of exhibition halls in Algarinejo will also appear reflected in this room. This module is a covered terrace that gives views of the patio, the caves and the canvas of the wall, in which several exhibition areas are proposed. In the first place, on the railing that is created as a balcony towards the lower floor, there are a series of interpretive panels that speak of the local theme of the room. In the corner that is formed between the railings and the access to the next room, there is an interactive window towards Algarinejo. It is a photographic gallery projected in front of the wall, in which visitors can move from one image to another with the movement of their hands in the air or with a mouse. With all these elements, the contextualization of Algarinejo in history and in the environment will be achieved, being a showcase that encourages the visitor to continue their visit once outside the museum.