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CASA PIOLAS Restaurant

CASA PIOLAS Restaurant

Tasting menus inspired by the products of our environment. Signature cuisine.

Our menus are designed based on the SLOW FOOD philosophy, movement founded in 1986 by Carlo Petrini, which against the culture of “fast food” (FAST FOOD) promotes the enjoyment of regional products and traditional foods whose ingredients are grown in an environmentally friendly way. Promotes enjoying that food in the company of others. At the same time he tries to understand the diversity of crops and raw materials.

In short, what we want with this type of kitchen is to achieve a useful source of pleasure to get away from a standardized life governed by the minute hand of our clock, subjected to a speed that limits our ability to enjoy the expected moment when it finally appears.

In this way we try that 80% of the products that we offer in our menu are as close as possible to our environment, thus knowing our distributors personally, thus establishing a close relationship with them (KM0)