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Cultural Park of Cesna-Fuentes Viejas

Cultural Park of Cesna-Fuentes Viejas

The Depopulated Old Cesna is located 1 km southwest of the current town of Fuentes de Cesna (Algarinejo, Granada), in a landscape of exceptional quality and ecological or cultural diversity, as well as a setting of great importance for the history of Poniente Grenadian.

The settlement begins towards the end of the century XV when Christian populations from the Rute-Lucena areas occupied and distributed the Lands of Sajna, an Andalusian enclave inhabited for centuries X for its important strategic character and defensive bastion of the last western border of Al Andalús. In 1943, the town of ranchers and farmers, surrounded by numerous fountains, watering holes, orchards and livestock trails, began to be abandoned due to the rise in the level of groundwater and certain seismic movements. By the mid-sixties of the twentieth century, most of the town was already uninhabited.

Legend has it that the nucleus of the Fuentes Viejas was founded just after the reconquest by three families of shepherds who came from the lands of Lucena and who decided to build their homes under a steep gorge on the lands of Cesna. This town grew over the centuries, perching on the hillside below the gorge, along with three mighty fountains “Fuente de La Plaza”, “Fuente de En medio” and “Fuente del Caño”, settling into different neighborhoods, some with cave houses, and forming a spectacular and very picturesque environment.

But in 1940 and at the beginning of the 60s some collapses of the pit, caused by the rains and that left several fatalities, would contribute to its depopulation and the foundation of the current center of Fuentes de Cesna.

The houses, some roads, and a leafy grove that covers the different enclaves of the place are preserved from this depopulated area. Its ethnological interest, due to the fact that it is a living example of how an archaeological site is formed, together with the unbeatable views offered by its vantage points towards the Iznájar Reservoir and the confluence of the provinces of Granada, Málaga and Córdoba, make it a a unique place at Andalusian level.

In addition, the Cultural Park encompasses other elements of interest such as Las Playas de Cesna, Cesna Castle, El Tajo de La Villavieja, Las Cruces and Sierra del Alcornocal, El Molino Fuente del Caño…