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History of the site

History of the site

First aerial photograph of Villavieja, in 1956. Villavieja is a prehistoric town located in the pit of the same name, near the town of Fuentes de Cesna, in the municipality of Algarinejo (Granada, Spain).

Villavieja is recognizable by its wall, which closes the most accessible side of the end of the plateau where it sits, limited by the cliff. This wall structure was known by the residents of the nearby town, although it was unknown when and who built it.

aerial image of Villavieja

The interest in the residents of Algarinejo has allowed archaeological interventions to begin in 2012 to elucidate the enigma of Villavieja, identifying the place as a fortified citadel approximately 4,500 years old.

In short, Villavieja today can be considered as an archaeological reference for the identity of the Fuenteños/as and of Algarinejo, as well as being an exceptional heritage complex of the province of Granada and European Prehistory. Its relevance is highlighted for being the only prehistoric settlement in Granada with wall structures clearly perceptible from the sky.

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