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Passage and medieval dwellings

Passage and medieval dwellings


A unique element of this archaeological complex is the existence of a path carved into the rock, which connects the rocky platform of Villavieja with the base of Los Tajos. This pass is located in the highest area of the pits, inside the wall and allows communication with a series of existing medieval dwellings in the caves nestled at the base of the rocky outcrop. The origin of this construction is unknown, since some of the cavities mentioned have prehistoric materials. But, without a doubt, it was used during the Middle Ages, due to the fact that certain sections of its route present walls made with lime mortar, similar to the remarkable cave-dwellings with which it must be related.

The pass is currently blurred by the erosion of the rock, but with the use of ropes and climbing equipment it is possible, since otherwise it would be very dangerous.

medieval dwelling

medieval dewellings

There is a whole series of remains of medieval constructions located at the foot of the rocky cliff. They are cave-dwellings with architectural structures adapted to them, including a cistern for water storage.

The construction of these houses is distinguished from the prehistoric ones by the use of lime mortars, among other distinctive characteristics.

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