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Pesquera tower

Pesquera tower

Pesquera Castle, also called Torre or Fortín de Pesquera, is a defensive complex located on a rock that stands out on the right bank of the Pesquera River, a tributary of the Genil River. It is reached through the road that connects the village of Fuentes de Cesna with the municipality of Zagra. Like the Turrush tower, the Pesquera castle is therefore situated in a valley. They are the only fortresses in the province not perched on high, inaccessible promontories. This castle, which was part of a rosary of towers, defended the valley of the Pesquera river and the peasant population that lived by cultivating the surrounding fertile meadows. Its strategic importance increased under the Nasrid reign, in which the lands of Algarinejo became the border with the Christian kingdom.

The second construction phase of this fort is from the Nasrid period, possibly a small fortified farmhouse that organizes a productive space through a ditch, farmland, and a grain mill (the Pesquera Mill or Pies de Trapo). The old Caliphate fort was reinforced in this way, at the beginning of the 14th century, with a cylindrical masonry tower or watchtower graveled with welts, and the construction of a second walled line. It remained like this until the 15th century, when the fortress, after enduring continuous raids and periodic attacks, was occupied by the Castilian conquerors. Years later, after the constitution of the Marquesate of Algarinejo, the castle of Pesquera loses its functionality and is abandoned to this day.

Regarding its current characteristics, it has a large semicircular tower, in the elevated part, made of gravel masonry. Each drawer measures 40 cm. from one gravel lane to another. Keep some bands in the plaster up to the lower half. There are also embedded stones. The bands are best seen on the south face. On it rests another rectangular tower, also made of masonry with gravel verdugadas. In the masonry there are remains of tile and brick. It has ashlars in the corners. This tower, which shows a vaulted room inside, connects with the wall until it reaches the southwest corner, where there is another tower that looks more like a piece of wall. The Castle of Pesquera, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, appears in the famous poem of the Artesón as an enchanted place:

“There is a beautiful princess and the one who disappoints her will first be her lover and then her husband. They have tried several times and no one has succeeded, because none has met the necessary conditions. He has to be a candid young man, who is in love with shy may he never grow livid, and his countenance be pale.”