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Rural crossings

Rural crossings

The religious past of Algarinejo is once again evident in the reflection of the crosses or rural altars. These small constructions, which most of the time are nothing more than small rooms of 1m2 with a cross or some saint or virgin inside, are normally erected on the top of a hill, in view of the surrounding farmhouses. In the town there are numerous crosses or altars of these characteristics, such as the “Cerro la Cruz” between Algarinejo and La Viña, the “Cruz de la Peiná” between Algarinejo and Fuentes de Cesna, or the “Cruz de Rondalejo”. Once a year, a “function” or small party is held in one of them in honor of the saint, virgin, or cross that they house inside, where orchestral music, shows and dance accompany the image that day. Truly a sight worth visiting.