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sunken bridge

sunken bridge

In ancient times it was a very important road that connected Algarinejo with the cattle tracks of Priego-lznajar and Montefrío-Loja. This road was strengthened, due to its border importance, during the Nasrid period, so its origins are usually placed possibly in the 14th century.

The bridge has three buttresses or abutments overturned on the Turca riverbed, one of which is about 70 m. from the original location. The factory is made of masonry, lime concrete and brick. One of the side walls on the start of the bridge has been preserved, with sandstone ashlars and masonry and lime concrete filling, a little over a meter thick. According to Madoz, the bridge was destroyed by a flood of water in 1837. From this moment a progressive ruin began until a new collapse occurred in the 1960s.