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The Cave of the Past

The Cave of the Past

In this room, the discourse of the visit will focus on caves as a human habitat, from Paleolithic times to the birth of the first cities.

To continue the visit, the visitor/adventurer will have to achieve the fire challenge. This challenge consists of taking two sticks that will have been anchored to a support on the wall and rubbing them together, simulating that they are trying to make a fire.

Inside the cave, next to the fire, there will be a mannequin characterized as a prehistoric troglodyte, who, after the fire is lit, will tell the visitor a story / legend about life in the cave during prehistoric times (set in a possible situation that occurred in the site of “las terrazas del Genil” to the south of the municipality). After the locution, the visitor will be able to observe different elements of this time (the birth of religion, cave paintings, life in clans…) in different elements and panels.