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The Cave of the Senses

The Cave of the Senses

In this space, we will be able to experience the sensation of being in a cave, through the senses and under an immersive group experience, which will be fun and knowledge.

Access to the room of the senses will be through a sliding door. In the anteroom there is a plasma screen with instructions that will indicate to the visitor the need to put on the helmet that was supplied at the entrance and turn on its headlamp, open the door, enter the room and close the door. once inside. The room will be completely dark, and again a locution will speak to the visitor / adventurer, taking him back into the history of the visit. The locution will introduce you to the world of speleology and will invite you to carry out the experiment of absolute darkness: it is the sensation of complete darkness that is perceived inside the caves, and which sharpens the human ear (in the locution it is you will hear drops of water falling). After the experiment, the room lights will be turned on and the room will be visited. Throughout the wall there will be a series of interpretative and interactive panels that will address the theme of speleology and the rock ecosystem. There will be sections for “exercise of the senses”, where you can see, for example, reproductions of fauna, put your hand in boxes and try to guess what they house inside (touch), the smells of the cave, or the sounds of the caves (selection of various sounds, using headphones). To achieve a pleasant setting and not neglect the importance of water, there will be a projection from the ceiling to the floor of the room that simulates water.