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Visigothic period

Visigothic period

With the German or Visigoth invasion, a process of ruralization and abandonment of the cities began, in order for the population to take refuge in the elevations of the nearby hills, with the consequent also abandonment of agriculture for activities such as cattle ranching and mining.

The Turrush fortress (or Cesna Castle), in Fuentes de Cesna, seems to have its origins in this period. It must have belonged to Count Artobás, grandson of King Witiza and a collaborator with the Arab invader, to whom he would later deliver the castle.

In this same castle, after the fall of the Visigothic kingdom, Abd al-Rahmán 1 sought refuge, after disembarking as a fugitive on the Granada beaches of Almuñécar. Shortly after, in the year 756, he would be proclaimed the first independent emir of Al-Andalus.