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XV century

XV century

The town of Algarinejo is reconquered by the crown of Castile in the year 1483, without having to face great resistance. On this same date the battle of Lucana takes place in which the last of the Nasrid kings of Granada, Boabdil, is captured in the place of Cesna by the supporters of Isabel la Católica (Diego Fernández de Córdova y Carrillo, 11th Viscount of Iznájar and Conde de Cabra accompanied by his nephew, Diego Fernández de Córdova de Espejo, warden of Los Donceles), to later take him to the Porcuna prison. This transcendental event during the Reconquest is reflected in the choir stalls of the Cathedral of Toledo, where the name of Xornas appears on one of the towers of the relief, referring to Cesna or Sajna, a place five leagues from Lucena. Boabdil’s arrest was also depicted on the Fernández de Córdova coat of arms, which depicts a “chained Moor”. Furthermore, Ali al-Altar mayor of Loja and Boabdil’s father-in-law was killed in this battle.

The humanist and historian Hernando del Pulgar, in one of his works, locates the event at the very gates of the castle of Cesna: “The Count and the warden of Los Donceles went against them, killing and capturing up to a place called Xezna, which is five leagues from Lucena”.

The last years of the fifteenth century are marked by instability and by continuous clashes between councils, which dispute over the boundaries and possession of the new land taken from the Nasrids.